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Welcome to our site !

Our house is right in the middle of the countryside, near a fabulous village, Rieux-Volvestre, 50 kilometers south of Toulouse, close to the Pyrenees.

Spain is within a stone's throw...

We have been jewel creators since 1969.

We have learnt our craft by ourselves. A passion for jewel-making came to us when we discovered the tricks of the materials between our hands.

We first tortured copper-based metals (Brass, Nickel silver...).

Gradually, we moved on to Silver, hard stones, precious and semi-precious stones.

We started working with Gold about 6 years ago.

The jewels and artefacts that are shown here are above all made for dreaming, for dreaming of far away places.

For the pleasure of the eye, come and browse through these pages.

If any of these jewels or artefacts appeals to you, please contact us.

Bye for now...

Christian and Minerva.

Our jewels are available in several shops and galleries in France

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